About us

We are the Association of Lithuanian Growing Media Producers (ATGA), uniting the country's growing media producers, providing quality products and services to professional vegetable, fruit and ornamental growers. The members of the association create the highest quality growing media by continuously improving products and processes, while respecting natural resources.

We work with international and national industry, environmental organisations and academic institutions to share our knowledge, practices and sector innovations. Together, we promote sustainable business development in the country.


Aims and objectives of the Association

  • Improve the growing media industry and the exploitation of raw materials, promoting continuous technological improvement and more efficient use of resources to achieve the highest quality results.
  • Collect, analyse and collate economic data from the association’s members to ensure competitiveness and best practices.
  • Identify and assess market trends and their impact on industry performance.
  • Promote international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience with foreign partners.
  • Organise exhibitions, seminars and professional development on the production, processing and marketing of growing media.
  • Standardise, classify and specialise products and production by introducing uniform standards and classification systems to ensure quality and efficiency.
  • Represent the interests of the association’s members before public authorities and make proposals.
  • Advice on improving production efficiency and long-term business development planning.
  • Ensuring a smooth supply of material and technical resources to keep the industry running smoothly.



In 1994, the Lithuanian Peat Growers Association was registered in Vilnius and started its activities. The Association was set up to deal with a wide range of problems related to the extraction, production and marketing of plant media.

For 30 years, the Lithuanian industry has been trying to use peat resources sparingly by producing mixtures of peat and alternative materials. This allows for a more economical and rational use of Lithuania’s natural resources, while ensuring that the plants grown receive all the nutrients they need and optimum growing conditions.

The growing media industry is continuously moving towards sustainability by actively seeking and applying innovative solutions to improve the environmental status of peatlands.

To further emphasise our commitment to sustainability and innovation, in 2024 we changed the name of the association to the Association of Lithuanian Growing Media Manufacturers (ATGA).

Our aim is to continue to promote the sustainable development of crop production by sharing our knowledge and experience with local and international partners. Lithuanian industries work closely with local growers and scientists, Growing Media Europe, Peat Alliance and similar associations and organisations in Latvia, Estonia and other countries to find new solutions, improve the composition of growing media and offer new technologies.

Together, we aim to find effective alternatives to peat and ensure that new materials meet both agronomic requirements and environmental standards.

The Association of Growing Media Producers (ATGA) currently has two dozen members, including not only companies producing growing media, but also others involved in the transportation of growing media, the production of various equipment and research needed by companies.

ATGA is a member of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, a member of the International Peat Society (IPS) and has the status of IPS National Committee.


Nomination of Honorary Peat Grower by Prof. Jurgis Vidmantas

The Honorary Peat Farmer nomination of Prof. Jurgis Vidmantas is awarded for his significant contribution to peat science, the introduction of new and efficient technologies in the peat industry, and his significant contribution to the development of knowledge, the training of specialists and the enhancement of their qualification. The awardees receive a medal, a certificate and a cash prize from Prof. Jurgis Vidmantas.

The following members of the Association were awarded the nomination of Honorary Peat Grower by Prof. Jurgis Vidmantas:
Alvydas Laužikas, UAB “Rekyva” and Vytas Likus, UAB “Sulinkiai” (2024), Jonas Kantautas, UAB “Durpeta” (2021), Eugenijus Strašinskas, UAB “Klasmann Deilmann” Ežerėlis (2013)

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