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Take advantage of training and conferences to stay close to market trends and innovation. Members are represented at national and international level on environmental and business issues.

Let's create a top quality growing medium for professional growers together!

How to become a member?

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    Sign an application form stating your commitment to abide by the approved statutes, the nature of the company’s activities, the number of employees and the annual turnover. Please send your application to el. by email to.

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    To pay the joining fee of EUR 300 to the Association’s account (IBAN) LT52 7300 0100 0224 4379; SWIFT code HABALT22; “Swedbank” AB; beneficiary – Association of Cultivation Media Producers; company code: 122358022; address: Maironio g. 13, Vilnius.

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    If the Association Council takes a positive decision, the final decision on the admission of the new member shall be approved by the general meeting of the members of the Association by vote.
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Why be a member?

To be a member of ATGA is to be part of an active and motivated community that shares common goals, works together and supports each other to succeed.


Common and clear objectives. ATGA brings together people with common and clear goals. This means that each member contributes to a larger common goal, which gives meaning and motivation to activities.


Teamwork culture. ATGA encourages not only group work, but also work with a group. This approach ensures that every member counts and that the work together is more effective and the results are more visible.


Achieving success. Success comes not only from working as a group, but also from working together. Each member’s contribution is valued and encouraged, so everyone feels needed and contributes to the overall success.


Professional development. By being part of the Association, members have the opportunity to continuously learn and develop, to share their experiences with others, and to acquire new knowledge and skills that are useful in their professional activities.


Network development. Being a member of the Association means you can make valuable contacts with other professionals and experts in your field. This not only helps professional development, but also opens up new opportunities for collaboration and projects.


Availability of resources and assistance. Members have access to a wide range of resources, advice and support provided by the Association, which makes everyday challenges easier and helps to solve problems more effectively.

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