Growing peat industry

Companies producing and supplying media for a wide range of horticultural and forestry applications are actively pursuing sustainability. Industrial companies are choosing renewable sources of materials, thus contributing to preserving natural resources, reducing environmental impact and maintaining plant health and growth efficiency.

Growing media are not only an economic asset, but also an important part of the ecosystem that we must protect and use sustainably. A balance must be struck between resource extraction and the protection of the natural environment to ensure the beneficial and sustainable use of resources for future generations.



Growing media provide the best conditions for plant growth and development. They are easily adaptable to different gardening systems and methods, including sowing, planting, transplanting or plant care. They can also be adapted to specific plant needs and growing conditions.

Growing media retain and regulate moisture to ensure that plants get the right amount of water. These media are also enriched with nutrients that are essential for plant health and optimal growth.

Nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements provide plants with the nutrition they need and improve the development of the plant’s root system, preserving its vigour.

All of these properties of growing media are of particular importance in horticultural practices to ensure plant health, efficient growth and yield.

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